Toddlers (Adventurers)

Toddlers (Adventurers)

Toddlers (Adventurers)

Our toddlers are forming the foundation for their transition to preschool and beginning to participate in an expanded variety of activities with their friends. Teachers plan a balanced day with a wide variety of activities: building blocks, dramatic play, art, science, and exercise. We also foster the development of language skills in preparation for learning to read.

The children engage in individual activities as well as cooperative play with other children. Small group instruction allows teachers the opportunity to identify and address the individual needs of each child. Children will develop positive self-esteem and important social skills such as cooperative problem-solving, following directions, and respect for others. We introduce and expose the children to written, visual, verbal, and physical activities involving the alphabet and early literacy skills. Our curriculum consists of arts and crafts, songs and games, science and cooking projects, language, mathematics, and multi-cultural activities.

Activities for our Toddlers include:

  • Gross Motor Development: gym mats, indoor climbers, parachute, outdoor playtime encouraging climbing, slides, ride on toys
  • Fine Motor Development: expanded play with blocks, increased exposure to puzzles, pegs, coloring with crayons, chalk
  • Language Development: circle time with puppets, familiar children’s songs that encourage imitation of gestures and new vocabulary, books
  • Cognitive Development: introduction to simple matching and sorting games
  • Self-Care: self-feeding with utensils, use of an open cup, opportunities to practice self-care routines during mealtime and playtime routines
  • Sensory Play: painting, sand table, water play, introduction to cooking activities, more elaborate art projects

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