Pre-kindergarten (Inventors)

Pre-kindergarten (Inventors)

Pre-kindergarten (Inventors)

Our Pre-K program exposes children to a rich balance of academic and social skills that afford them a bright future in an increasingly competitive world. Our whole-child approach to child development and our specialty programs provide a true balance that few programs are able to achieve. Theme-based units and concepts become more complex as children advance into our Pre-K program with an increased emphasis on targeting large and small group activities which focus on each child’s individual abilities.

Teachers plan engaging activities that enhance skills across developmental domains: Cognition, Language & Communication, Social-Emotional, Gross & Fine Motor, Sensory & Perception. Learning centers provide hands-on experiences to develop early math skills, pre-reading and pre-writing skills, dramatic play, creative art and computers, and incorporated into daily routines giving the children opportunities to balance both shared and independent learning. Shared play experiences provide opportunities to develop turn-taking, cooperation and empathy which are essential for school and for adulthood.

Enrichment programs expand in our Pre-K program to include Piano, Preschool Sports, and Computer Instruction during the academic school year.

Activities for our Pre-K children include:

  • Gross Motor Development: gym mats, parachute, outdoor playtime encouraging running, jumping and climbing, use of ride on toys and tricycles
  • Fine Motor Development: expanded play with blocks, more complex puzzles, pegs, lacing activities, stencils
  • Language Stimulation: games to encourage turn-taking with friends, circle time routine includes calendar, weather and season, books, poetry, expanded dramatic play with peers
  • Cognitive Development: letter and number recognition, counting, pre-reading and writing activities
  • Sensory Play: water table, sand table, painting, cooking activities, elaborate art projects

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