Why parents & children
love Brighter Babies?

  • Award-winning school
  • Nationally recognized emergent curriculum
  • Small class sizes and staffing levels that exceed city mandates
  • Highly experienced, well-qualified administration and teachers
  • Real time updates on your child’s day from mobile app
  • Sunlit indoor gym for gross motor play
  • Diverse offering of daily enrichment activities
  • Unmatched opportunities for outdoor learning and play
  • Healthy, organic catered lunches
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Enrichment Activities

Each child’s learning is further enriched by daily classes taught by specialty teachers.
These classes are included as part of tuition.

Music &
Music &
to Piano

What Your Child Did Today

With our “brightwheel” mobile app, parents receive real-time updates of their child’s day, including videos and pictures of their child achieving developmental milestones and participating in classroom activities.  We know how hard it can be to be away from your child during such formative years and we strive to capture those “special” moments and give you the information you need to collaborate with us and feel more engaged in your child’s development.

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What parents are saying

Probably the most easily understood (for NYers) testament I can make for BB is that we lived in Sunnyside when she started, then moved to Jackson Heights about 6 mos ago, and I still make that long 7 train twice daily schlep with her because the center has been so great for her [my daughter].  She was (is) a pretty sensitive gal, and the teachers and administration have gone above and beyond to consider her needs and make sure that she felt safe and comfortable and fostered an atmosphere where she could blossom.  Since our daughter’s been full-time, we’ve really seen her open up, gain confidence, and learn a tremendous amount. These are by far the top reasons why we love Brighter Babies and can’t think to move her to different care, though it may be closer or cheaper or easier.  The rest is icing on the cake.

Erica E., BB Parent

What parents are saying

The curriculum is well built around the kids needs and age (yoga, music, movement, arts) and the teachers are very caring and attentive. The ratio of teachers to student is higher than most daycares I have visited (for most classes they have more teachers than the recommended minimum). The location was perfect, but this is never the main criteria for choosing the best daycare for your child and we were lucky. The quality of care, both by the teachers and the management, is very high, which means that both children and parents are well-attended. The facility is very nice and big. They even have a little gym that kids love (my youngest one would always scream in delight every time we would pass by it), and the food served is of the highest quality.  As I said, the teachers and staff have been part of our family for the last two years. We couldn’t have hoped for a better place for our kids to have a great start in life.

Veronique P., BB Parent

What parents are saying

What we loved so much was the flexibility. The teachers were always willing to work with us and our requests, whether it was about diet, pacifiers, or potty training. The directors were always willing to work with us on schedule changes, and handled things fairly and quickly. We were always in sync when it came time to move our daughter up to the next room. It was about readiness and not just age or filling empty slots. We never had major issues with behavior, either with our child or another. All the kids at Brighter Babies seem to get along amazingly well, even outside of school. They are all friends, and I don’t think that is just a result of good luck. The teachers show a genuine interest in the kids, and really do love every single one of them. I’ve always been pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of love toward our little girl, and we are very sad to have to leave.

Lauren M., BB Parent

What parents are saying

All I can say is that I do not have a care in the world when I leave her for the day.  She is a happy little girl and literally runs into her class room.  All the teachers (even the ones in the other classes) know my little girl, it has really impressed me the care and attention they give to the little ones.  The food is great – she has school meals and eats every bite even going back for seconds.  She has a great schedule and her development has come on tons.  I would definitely recommend Brighter Babies to anyone who is looking for daycare.  The staff are attentive, caring and warm.  The directors are excellent at keeping you informed with emergencies and just general information.

Maria O., BB Parent

What parents are saying

Overall I have found the teachers/directors to be wonderful.  Any concerns have been met in a quick fashion.  I receive photos often of the babies doing activities and daily you are sent home with a sheet with exactly what they did, times/what they ate, when they slept, etc.  The attention to detail is pretty amazing.  The center is clean and from what I have observed everyone there is very positive and happy.

Courtney T., BB Parent

What parents are saying

I looked at a lot of day care options before deciding on BB, and they were far and away our first choice. While no place is perfect, my husband and I have always felt that the directors have a great vision for what excellent child care should be, and they do their absolute best to make that a reality.

Anne W., BB Parent

What parents are saying

One of the best things is that the kids take a walk outside and play at the local parks/playgrounds nearly every day (when the weather cooperates).  They also do a lot of arts and crafts, painting, etc. in the classroom (even the infants!)  There are music teachers (I believe 3 separate ones) who come into the center each week, as well as a yoga teacher. (When we ask our son to show us his yoga, he immediately goes into down dog…adorable!)  We often get photos (and sometimes video) during the day.  There is an open-door policy, and the school encourages you to call (or drop in) and check on your child if you wish.

Nikki M., BB Parent

What parents are saying

Our daughter attended BB from 4.5 months to 3.5 years. Our daughter loved her school and we are forever grateful for the amazing teachers and staff. Dropping off your baby to strangers is never easy, but it’s infinitely easier at a loving place like Brighter Babies. No daycare/early education is perfect, but Brighter Babies is pretty darn close – top notch early education, wonderful teachers, a responsive administration and wonderful group of families that we now call friends.

Katie O., BB Parent

What parents are saying

My daughter started at BB around 3 years old and did not speak English. The teachers took the extra effort to communicate with her and made her feel comfortable. My girl looks forward to going to BB every single day and that says a lot about what a good job the BB family has done.

Yao Z., BB Parent

What parents are saying

BB management constantly strives in making the center the best it can be. A testament to that is my awe during a recent well visit we did for my 4 yr old. His pediatrician was asking him all sort of questions and he had smart answers; he was eloquent and confident. To his pediatrician’s surprise, he wrote his name with ease, drew some farm animals, and he could add numbers. I had no idea he knew so much, and I only have BB to thank!

Nejat N., BB Parent

What parents are saying

Our son has literally “grown up” at BB, since he was 6 months until now, 3 years. We absolutely adore all the teachers in every class he’s been in. BB teachers have helped our baby boy walk, talk, be potty trained, he can count to 20, he plays soccer every week with a real soccer coach, he loves yoga, Spanish, dance, music, walking to the pier, visiting the Firehouse…it has simply been a fantastic experience at Brighter Babies.

Marguerite S., BB Parent

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